let-me-encourage-you-toOver the past 12 months, I have noticed that my vision is getting blurrier when I read.

I put off the inevitable for a while, but I have finally succumbed to middle age and now wear reading classes.

The difference is remarkable and it has made reading much easier.

I can see things clearer now.

I don’t have to hold documents at arm’s length so that I can read them.

I can’t believe the difference that it makes.

Sometimes there are things in our lives that get blurry.

The opportunities to make a positive difference in the world.

The aspects of our kids that make us proud.

The similarities in the aspirations and values of the people around us.

All the things that we take for granted and forget to be grateful for.

The people (past and present), who have contributed to where we are today.

Our long and short-term goals.

Let me encourage you to put your glasses on.

To see with clarity again.

To feel more hopeful about the world and your situation.

And then to do the work required to make it better.