dont-give-up-too-soonSnowy was a beautiful little pony.

Since the day she was born, she had wanted to be a show jumping pony, just like her mother and every day she would pester her mother to be allowed to jump.

Eventually, Snowy’s mum decided that she was big enough and they went into the jumping arena together for the first time.

Snowy was very excited, but when she saw how big the jumps were, she starting shaking.

“I don’t think that this is a good idea.  I could never jump that high.  I think that we had better leave.” She said.

Snowy’s mum smiled and said, “I wouldn’t expect you to start that high.  There’s a log on the ground over there, why don’t you start jumping over that.”

Snowy was a little bit scared at first, but she took a deep breath, cantered over to the log and jumped over it.

“I did it!” She exclaimed.

Soon Snowy became an expert at jumping over logs, but her mum said to her, “You can’t jump over logs if you want to be a show jumper.  Try that low jump over there.”

Again, Snowy was nervous, but she gave it a go and found that she could do it.

As the weeks and months went on, Snowy progressed to taller obstacles, until eventually, she entered the arena and looked at the tallest jumps that her mum was able to clear with ease.

Over the past few weeks, something had changed.

These jumps didn’t look as high.

They were much less scary.

They looked achievable.

Snowy’s mum looked with pride at her daughter and said, “See how far you’ve come?  What once seemed impossibly huge now seems much smaller.  This is what happens when you start small and build your way up.  What did you learn from this, Snowy?”

“Don’t give up too soon, but start small and keep trying.”

“That’s right darling, if you can remember that, you’ll be able to do anything.”

And she did.

This story is for my beautiful daughter Madison, who turns 9 today, along with her brother, Logan.

I hope that she always remembers not to be daunted by life’s many challenges, but to start at the beginning and work her way up from there.