it-costs-000-to-be-aI read a tweet recently from iconic artist Banksy that simply said, “it costs $ 0.00 to be a decent person.”

How true.

It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind.

To give someone a smile is completely free.

To offer a word of advice or encouragement isn’t expensive or painful.

To see the good in someone, rather than look for the bad is a perspective shift that requires minimum outlay.

And saying “please” or “thank you” won’t set you back a cent.

Decency costs nothing, but adds significant value to the community in which we live.

It’s a phenomenal investment that we can make into our families, our workplaces and the people around us.

In a world full of fear and suspicion, it’s something that makes us feel less helpless and more hopeful.

It’s a seed that can create a forest.

A ripple that can cause a tsunami.

A rain drop that can start a downpour.

And it costs us absolutely nothing.