make-yourself-great-againOne person can’t make a nation truly great.

But millions of individuals aspiring to become the best version of themselves can.

We can’t just cast a vote and think that our job is done.

Our job starts every morning when we wake up and aim to exceed the work that we did yesterday.

It’s not about waving placards or chanting three word slogans.

It’s about looking in the mirror and deciding on the kind of role-model we want to be for our children.

Our success is not someone else’s responsibility (or fault).

It’s up to us and if we don’t ever understand that, we’ll get nowhere.

This isn’t about looking back on our own lives with self-loathing and regret.

It’s about looking forward with optimism and enthusiasm.

Great lives aren’t built on a foundation of suspicion, fear, animosity or self-absorption.

They are built on love, passion and looking for the best in others.

At the moment, many people around the world are celebrating and many are upset.

But the one thing that we can all do is make ourselves great again.

Better than the day before.

Doing truly remarkable work that positively impacts others.

With a smile.