its-easy-to-coastThere are times when I’m doing something that I do a lot, and I seem to be doing it without thinking.

I do them by rote.

I do them out of habit.

I’m not talking about tying shoelaces or washing the dishes.

I’m talking about interactions with clients, the kids or Karen.

Things like making breakfast for the family.

Or perhaps booking an appointment with a new client.

I do them all the time and I can do them in my sleep.

But I shouldn’t.

I should be focused.

I should be fully engaged.

I should be treating every opportunity as a chance to positively impact others.

I should be doing these things with love and enthusiasm.

It’s easy to coast through the day, doing everything as if it’s just another part of the routine, but my aim is to wake up and treat every activity as something that deserves my full attention.