youre-not-a-plastic-bagHave you ever seen a plastic bag blowing in the wind?

They are pulled and pushed in every direction, completely out of control and at the mercy of the elements.

They float up, they they’re pulled down again and are jerked left and right.

Then they land in a body of water and the process continues as the poor plastic bag floats in the direction of the tide or the flow of the stream.

Their direction, their altitude and their final destination are decided by external factors.

You’re not a plastic bag.

You have the ability to face the direction that you want to go and take the steps required to get there.

You can (if you choose to) control your attitude, your mood, your level of enthusiasm for life.

You can learn, you can grow, you can develop.

The wind may be blowing like a gale and perhaps in the past you feel as though your life was controlled by people or circumstances.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.