you-are-useful-you-areCassie the cassowary lived a lonely life.

She would wander through the forest, eating fallen fruit, while other birds flew among the trees.

“Why can’t you fly?” they would ask.

“Your puny little wings can’t even lift you off the ground!” they would say with derision.

“You’re a disgrace to birds.” they would chirp before they flew away.

Cassie was feeling increasingly isolated and useless, so she decided to leave the forest for good.

As she walked free from the trees, she heard a deep voice from behind.

“Where are you going?”

Cassie turned around.

A large tree beckoned to her to come back into the forest, “We need you here,” said the tree, “We rely on you to eat our fruit and spread our seeds.  The other birds may think that you’re useless, but you are actually the most useful bird in the forest.  Please don’t go, you are irreplaceable.”

Cassie smiled for the first time in many weeks and returned home to the forest.  The fruit had never tasted so good.

It’s easy to compare your skills to the abilities of others and feel inadequate.

It’s easy to listen to the negative voices of others and believe them.

But know this…

You are useful.

You are remarkable.

You are irreplaceable.