what-are-you-doing-todayWe all want a better future, but it won’t happen by accident.

Things won’t get better just because the stars randomly align or we win the lottery.

We have a better future when we make positive decisions and take deliberate action today.

If we read today, we’ll be smarter tomorrow.

If we spend time with our families today, we’ll have better relationships tomorrow.

If we pray today, we’ll have a stronger faith tomorrow.

If we look after our clients today, we’ll have more lining up tomorrow.

If we don’t spend money extravagantly, we’ll have more tomorrow.

If we treat people with respect, dignity and love, we’ll live in better communities tomorrow.

If we take bold steps today, we’ll be closer to my goals tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong, today is great, but I want tomorrow to be better.

What are you doing today to ensure that tomorrow is better?