bring-light-into-darkFred was having a bad day.

He woke up in a bad mood and wasn’t afraid to show it.

Bill was having a good day until he ran into Fred, then after hearing of Fred’s bad day, Bill started to have a bad day too.

Together, they met the smiling Martha.

She wasn’t smiling at the end of their conversation.

Martha was still frowning when she met her friend Jack.

Jack was having a good day and he wasn’t going to let Martha’s frown change that.  By the end of their interaction, Martha was smiling again.

Martha then bumped into Mohammad.  Mohammad had been having a bad day up until then, but after talking with Martha, his day turned around.

Mohammad then had a catch up with Fred, whose day hadn’t improved since the moment he woke up.

But by the end, he too was at peace with the world and feeling better about life.

Here’s the thing.

We all have the occasional bad day.  When you do, please don’t let that impact the lives of the people around you.

When you are having a good day, please don’t allow others to get you down.

But bring light into dark places.

Bring a smile to those who are frowning.

Be a positive influence who changes the world one interaction at a time.