roadkill-is-easy-huntingThe wedge-tailed eagle of Australia is a magnificent bird of prey.

One of the largest eagles in the world, they have a massive wingspan that measures over two metres across.  Soaring effortless high above the ground, they are a wonderful sight and I have seen them not far from where I live.

They are equipped with huge talons and a large, sharp beak to catch and kill their prey, which can be as large as a wallaby, goat or lamb.

But there’s a problem.

Despite their fearsome hunting equipment, they most often survive on roadkill.

Instead of using their abilities to catch live prey, they make do with some poor animal that ventured in front of a car.

What a waste!

Imagine being able to be the top predator in an ecosystem, only to resort to eating carrion?

Do they fly high, excited about the possibilities, but decide to make do with scavenging when it gets too hard?

Do they lose their edge from relying on the easy meal, rather than building their strength and skills by pushing themselves?

Do they fly home to the nest and explain to the chicks that their day wasn’t that exciting, but at least they have food to eat?

What happens if they can’t find roadkill?  Can they still fend for themselves?

Are we much different?

We each have remarkable gifts and abilities.

We each have the capacity to do phenomenal work.

If we set our sights high, there’s really no limit to what we can achieve.

So why is it that so many people settle for a meaningless job, doing trivial things for a faceless corporation?

Roadkill is easy, hunting is hard.

But which one were you made for?

And which one truly maximises your talents?