blessed-are-the-peacemakersWe live in a world of hostility and hatred.

Where politicians score points by calling each other names and spewing vitriolic insults.

Where people who look different to us are treated with suspicion, if not contempt.

Where differences of opinion are opportunities to belittle.

And where the gap between us grows.

As a Christian, I am saddened and disappointed because much of this comes from the Church.

And “we didn’t start it,” isn’t a legitimate excuse.

In the midst of such a world, I find myself wanting to add to the noise.

To shake my fist at the world.

To come up with my own clever, pithy insults.

And in those moments I am reminded of the words of Jesus, who said,

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

I want to be a peacemaker.

I want to help bridge the gap between us.

I don’t want to yell, but I haven’t lost my voice either.

I want you to know how valued and valuable you are, even if you have different beliefs, political persuasions and perspectives from mine.

Peace be with you.