if-you-want-to-mixEarlier in the week, Karen was getting ready to start the day and the kids were still in bed.

She wanted to prepare a drink using our blender, but didn’t want to wake them.  Eventually, however, she was running late, so she let it rip.

I’m sure that they do make quiet blenders now, but ours isn’t one of them.

Brrrrrr. Gnk.

Brrrrrr. Gnk.

Brrrrrr. Gnk.

She got her drink and the kids got a wake up call.

In our house, if you want to mix things up, you’ve got to make some noise.

Life’s like that.

You can tiptoe around.

You can try to be subtle and surreptitious.

Or you can make some noise.

You can turn on the blender.

You can turn it up so loud that you can’t hear the critics.

You can do something wonderful and remarkable (and perhaps a little rebellious) with your life.