i-want-to-encourage-youKaren and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this December.

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t have made it this far if I made a habit of flirting with other women (let’s assume for the sake of this post that I have the ability to flirt, which I don’t, but I digress).

If I was distracted from my beloved, spent excessive time with other women or focused on meeting their needs and not Karen’s, then we wouldn’t have a very successful marriage.

I don’t just want to have a successful marriage, but I want to be successful at everything I do.

As a parent, a speaker, a business owner, a writer.

It’s tempting sometimes to flirt with mediocrity.

To say that near enough is good enough.

To make excuses when I don’t feel like giving my best.

To take short cuts when no-one is looking.

But flirting with the average can become a comfortable long-term habit if we’re not careful.

So today I want to encourage you to focus on excellence.

To aspire to greatness.

To set a high standard for your work and never stop developing your skills.

And when mediocrity comes to take your attention, politely ignore her and move along.