The-meaning-and-purposeIf someone was to ask you what you do, how do you describe your job?

Do you see yourself as just a teacher, or someone who inspires children to gain a lifelong love of learning?

Are you just a receptionist, or someone who creates a warm and friendly atmosphere?

Are you just a construction worker, or someone who builds magnificent edifices that change the city landscape and houses that become homes?

Are you just a sales rep, or someone who helps to match products with people’s needs?

Are you just a gardener, or someone who creates beauty and life where there was once dirt and rocks?

Are you just a stay at home mum, or are you raising resilient, optimistic and loving young people who will go on to change the world?

How you describe your work, to others and to yourself, says a lot about how you perceive what you do.

How you perceive what you do significantly influences the meaning and purpose that can be found within your job.

The meaning and purpose that you find in your work is the difference between making a living and making an impact.

How would you describe your job?