I-have-a-lot-to-beI’m feeling extremely grateful for a lot of things today.  Here are 45 reasons why:

  1. My lovely wife of almost 20 years.  Karen is my best friend and closest confidante and I am very fortunate to have her in my corner,
  2. My oldest son Hayden.  He’s growing into a fine young man who excites us on the sporting field and delights us at home.
  3. My daughter Madison.  Full of energy, life and passion, Mads is a source of great entertainment in our home and it’s wonderful to see her developing on a daily basis,
  4. My youngest son Logan.  Funny, cheeky and very clever, our Logi Bear often sits in the shadow of his older siblings, but the day will come when he will step out with confidence in the knowledge that God has great things planned for him,
  5. The dog.  Dusty, our trusty golden retriever is my companion during the day when the kids are at school and Karen is at work.  Yes, I do talk to her.  And yes, I am aware that I may be going mad,
  6. My extended family and friends.  Your support and love mean a lot.
  7. My health.  Whilst I’m not breaking the 4 minute mile any time soon, and am starting to feel the creaks of middle age, I am extremely fortunate with my health and don’t take it for granted,
  8. My business.  To be able to make a living doing what I love from home is an enormous blessing.
  9. My clients.  They don’t just pay the bills, they inspire me with their stories, their aspirations and their diversity.  It’s a great privilege to be able to assist so many people to find meaningful work.
  10. My house.  17 years ago, Karen and I bought our first home and didn’t have 2 coins to rub together.  I never would have dreamed that one day we would live in such a lovely home and for that I am grateful,
  11. My kids’ school and teachers.  I am on the board at the kids’ school and am fortunate to have an insight into the fantastic job that our teachers do.  Each of our children love school and that’s a great result.
  12. My kids’ coaches and tutors.  There are a lot of people who invest their expertise into our kids and they all do a fantastic job,
  13. The local shopping centre.  After more than a year of construction, we now have a great shopping centre conveniently within walking distance,
  14. The facilities in our area.  With great sporting grounds, athletics tracks, swimming pools, park, nature reserves and other child friendly venues in our local area, we are blessed with things to do with the family,
  15. My challenges.  They make me stronger and more resourceful,
  16. My victories.  They remind me of what can be done,
  17. My Kindle,
  18. My iPod,
  19. My FitBit.  I love my gadgets and rarely leave home without them.  Sad but true,
  20. My country.  I’m a very proud Australian (and not just during the Olympics).  It’s not perfect, but it’s home,
  21. The beautiful weather today.  After a long, cold winter, it’s nice to see the sun breaking through,
  22. Nature.  I’m very much at home on a nice walk in the Australian bush and appreciate it’s beauty and inhabitants,
  23. Sir David Attenborough.  For bringing animals into our lounge room through his wonderful documentaries.
  24. My blog.  To be able to bring some light into a dark world is something that I never take for granted and I love writing this blog,
  25. Hayden’s blog.  I’ve learned a lot about animals from helping our son with his blog,
  26. My readers.  Seriously, you guys are awesome!  I regularly receive messages from all around the world and I value and appreciate you all,
  27. Other bloggers.  To those who have gone before me, Michael Hyatt,  Seth Godin, the late Scott Dinsmore, Chris Guillebeau, Jeff Goins and a host of other writers who are much better than me,
  28. Walking.  Rain, hail or shine.  With the dog, the kids, Karen or by myself, there’s nothing like a nice walk to get the blood flowing and the mind percolating,
  29. Choc-mint biscuits.  I could do with one now, especially with…
  30. Coffee.  I’m not a coffee snob, but I still appreciate a good brew,
  31. My church.  For a long time now, our family has been blessed by the leadership, teaching and character of our Senior Minister, Mark Conner and his great team,
  32. The wider church.  To have the privilege of speaking in different churches is a great honour and one that I don’t take for granted.  I love encouraging the church and feel blessed whenever I have the opportunity to share with other Christians,
  33. My Bible. The print is so small that I need glasses now and it’s getting a bit worn around the edges, but my daily time spent in the Word is very precious to me,
  34. Our local fish and chips shop.  Fish and chips is our great Friday night tradition and a wonderful way to finish the week,
  35. The Richmond Football Club.  Passionately supporting a club with a record of such on field ineptness has been character building,
  36. The Boston Celtics.  Since the days of Larry Bird, the Celtics have given me far greater joy than my Tigers,
  37. Manchester United.  Cantona, Giggs, Beckham, Sir Alex and now Mourinho and Ibrahimovic, the trophies keep rolling in,
  38. The Olympics.  I love cheering on athletes I have never heard of who are competing in obscure sports that I don’t really care about, all in the name of national pride.  Go Aussies!
  39. Our defence forces.  I have had the privilege of working with many Australian service men and women and am grateful for their contribution to our society and the work that they do to bring peace in other lands,
  40. Overseas workers.  The people who leave the safety and comfort of Australia to work in developing nations are nothing short of extraordinary.  Their faith, passion and resilience is a constant source of inspiration,
  41. My old bosses and mentors.  I have had the privilege of learning from many people over the years and I am grateful to everyone who has invested in my development,
  42. Great authors.  From CS Lewis, Tolkien, Rowling, Wodehouse, Coelho and Douglas Adams to the authors of leadership, personal development and inspirational autobiographies.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and ideas with the world,
  43. Great musicians.  I have a wide range of genres on my iPod and love talented artists who put their soul into their work,
  44. Pizza.  Seriously, how can you not be grateful for pizza?
  45. Jesus.  The One who called me by name and loved me enough to die for me.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I turned 45 today.  I’m feeling older, but very blessed and very, very grateful.