Olympians-turn-up-everyOver the next two weeks, we will be watching and cheering athletes from around the globe as they perform remarkable deeds for national glory and an elusive gold medal.

As we know, the Olympics come around every four years and give athletes the chance to prove themselves against the best in the world.

That’s a lot of pressure on one event.

If you have a false start, come down with the flu, slip at the wrong time or are the victim of a dodgy refereeingĀ decision, it’s a long time to wait for redemption.

But of course, these athletes don’t just turn up every four years and randomly expect phenomenal results.

Every day they:

  • Train relentlessly, even when they don’t feel like it,
  • Visualise their desired outcome,
  • Remain focused,
  • Watch their diet, their sleep, every aspect of their physical wellbeing,
  • Take heed of their coach’s instructions,
  • Develop strategies that will maximise their performance.

I don’t know what your version of the Olympics is.

Your big event.

Your moment to shine.

But I do know that if you spend every single day preparing yourself, when the big day comes, you will succeed!