When-you-feel-likeAs a father of three kids, I have had the privilege of seeing them each learn to walk.  We even have the footage of our oldest son taking his very first steps, with the voice of his very excited mum screaming in the background.

This is what I have learned from watching them.

They stand up.

They fall down.

They stand up again.

They fall down again.

They stand up again.

They fall down again.

Sometimes they hurt themselves when they fall.

Sometimes they laugh at the silliness of it all.

Sometimes they seem to be making progress.

Sometimes it looks like they will take forever to get it right.

But they never, ever stop trying.

Look around you.

Everyone you see who is able-bodied and able to walk, once couldn’t.

And that includes you.

Now look at your goals.

You may have tried to achieve them, but fell over.

You may have failed spectacularly in your endeavours.

You may have been told that you will never get there by others who have given up on their dreams and settled for less.

When you feel like giving up, remember the toddler that was once you.

The version of yourself who never gave up and can now walk.

The version of yourself who can go on in boldness to change the world.