At-some-point-somewhereWiser people than me say it better.  This is an excerpt from President Obama’s recent speech to the Canadian Parliament:

“When refugees escape barrel bombs and torture, and migrants cross deserts and seas seeking a better life, we cannot simply look the other way.

We certainly can‘t label as possible terrorists vulnerable people who are fleeing terrorists.

We can insist that the process is orderly. We can insist that our security is preserved. Borders mean something.

But in moments like this, we are called upon to see ourselves in others, because we were all once strangers.

If you weren’t a stranger, your grandparents were strangers.

Your great-grandparents were strangers.

They didn’t all have their papers ready. They fumbled with language faced discrimination, had cultural norms that didn’t fit. At some point, somewhere, your family was an outsider. So the mothers, the fathers, the children we see today—they’re us.

We can’t forsake them.”

I’m looking forward to the day when a leader of one of our major parties in Australia is able to make a similar speech.

This isn’t a political blog, this entire site is designed to assist people to live their best life and I’m yet to meet someone who can do that from a refugee camp or off-shore detention centre.

We can do better.

We must do better.

Our future conscience depends on it.