Dont-ask-for-theThis week, we visited the beautiful Mossman Gorge in north Queensland.  It’s an amazing place and the entire family had a great time there.

One of the unique features of this area is its incredible biodiversity.  Its estimated that there are more species of plants and animals one hectare of the rainforests of this region than in Europe and North America combined.  Brightly coloured birds, endemic marsupials, dangerous reptiles, splendid butterflies and a huge range of frogs.

Call me strange, but I really wanted to see a frog on my walk.  I’ve seen multitudes of birds, mammals and reptiles, so I wanted to see something different.

We walked around the forest for a couple of hours and the whole time, my eyes scoured the trees, creeks, ferns and undergrowth for a frog, but saw nothing.

I even asked the lady at the cafe if she had any tips for finding a frog.  She looked at me oddly as Karen rolled her eyes and walked away.

I thought it was a legitimate question.

The only response that she could come up with was, “There are plenty around our house.”  For a moment, I considered asking for the address, but realised that would be weird, so I finished the day frogless.

I wonder now how many frogs I walked past that day.




I’ll never know.

But just because I didn’t see them, doesn’t mean that they weren’t there.

I just didn’t look in the right places.

Or at the right time.

Or perhaps I looked right at them, but they were camouflaged and I didn’t recognise them.

Or maybe I didn’t persist hard enough.

Or maybe I needed someone more knowledgeable than the girl in the cafe to point them out.

Frogs are like opportunities.

They are all around us whether we see them or not.

You just need to look at the right place.

At the right time.

To recognise them when they are hiding.

To persist in your search.

Or to have someone help you to notice them.

Don’t ask for the opportunity to change the world.

Ask for the eyes to perceive them all around you.