Todays blessings are enoughWhen the people of Israel were wandering in the desert after their exodus from slavery in Egypt, they came to Moses to complain that they had nothing to eat.

In response, the Lord sent them manna, bread from heaven, with strict instructions.

Every morning, the Israelites were to leave their tents and gather enough manna to last them the day and no more.

If they tried to store any of the manna for the next day, it would be full of maggots and begin to smell.

Essentially, God was saying to His people, you have enough blessings for today, will you trust Me to give you enough again tomorrow?

Today’s blessings are enough.

They are enough to sustain you.

They are enough to remind you of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

They are enough to equip you for today’s challenges.

Appreciate them.

Say thanks for them.

Don’t try to store them up for tomorrow.

They will be there again in the morning.