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The-worst-kind-ofIt’s not pleasant to get rejected.

To apply for a job and have them say, “No.”

To ask someone out on a date and be turned down.

To make a sales pitch and walk out of the boardroom without a signature.

And to have the ones you love, not reciprocate that love is a terrible feeling.

But the worst kind of rejection is when you reject yourself.

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A-great-book-is-meant-toA great book is meant to be read.

A wonderful meal is meant to be eaten.

A luxury car is meant to be driven.

Playground equipment is meant to hear the sound of children laughing and playing.

And your purpose and dreams are meant to be fulfilled.

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When-all-is-said-andIn the years to come, it won’t be the faceless trolls or anonymous critics who are remembered.

It won’t be the complainers or nay-sayers who change the world.

It won’t be those who tell us what they are going to do who reach the pinnacle.

It won’t be the guy yelling from the cheap seats who hits the winning shot.

And those who are baying with the crowd will never reach their potential.

When all is said and done, it will be those who spend more time doing than saying who make a difference.

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What-if-what-you-nowAfter months of getting up to let our golden retriever out on multiple occasions each and every evening, we finally had a doggy door installed for our beloved Dusty.

When she first saw the door, she looked at it mysteriously.

“Go on girl, you can do it,” we encouraged.

We stood outside with squeaky toys to coax her out, but she still didn’t know how it worked and looked at the glass as if it was impregnable.

She wanted to go outside.  All that she had to do was understand that the obstacle in front of her wasn’t insurmountable and push through the door.

Eventually, she nudged it with her nose.

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A-turtle-only-travelsThere’s a Korean proverb that says, “A turtle only travels when it sticks its neck out.”

I love this concept.

A turtle, scared and startled is sitting there with her head inside her shell.

She’s hungry and she knows that food is just a few metres away, but she’s hesitant to move.

It’s risky.

It’s potentially dangerous.

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The-flames-wont-burnThe flames won’t burn forever… unless you keep feeding it wood.

Your car won’t run forever… unless you keep filling it up with fuel.

Your hair won’t stay in place forever… unless you keep brushing it.

Your phone won’t stay charged forever… unless you plug it in regularly.

The bath water won’t stay warm forever… unless you turn the hot water on again.

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Are-your-dreams-boardedIt’s a sad sight walking through the main street of a country town that has half its shop windows boarded up.

Maybe the local processing plant has closed and people have moved away.

Maybe the local highway has been rerouted further away from the town.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons is, hope has been lost and the boards have gone up.

I hope that your dreams are still open for business.

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Breathing-is-evidence-ofDon’t just breathe.

Don’t just go from day to day, weekend to weekend, paycheck to paycheck.

Don’t just carry on as you always have.

Don’t just colour within the lines, living a safe, comfortable life free from risk and adventure.

Don’t just wander aimlessly, frittering away your opportunity to do something meaningful with your life.

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If-youre-not-happy-withIn the language of the Sherpas, ravens are called gorawks.

They are named after the sound that they make.

Go on, say it out loud, “Gorark, gorawk.”

What a wonderful description!

Imagine if you were named after the sounds that you make.

What would the Sherpas call you…

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Foggiest Day

It was a foggy morning at the kids’ school this morning, but the sun was still shining through

On the foggiest day, it’s hard to see too far ahead.  In fact it’s hard to see anything at all.

As you wander along, with visibility at a minimum, you wonder,

“Am I going in the right direction?”

“Am I where I’m supposed to be?”

“Should I keep going, or should I stop where I am?”

The fog has settled and it has taken over everything.

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