Melbourne AirportWhenever I visit Melbourne Airport (which isn’t as often as I would like), there’s always a different section under construction.

There are signs and construction workers in orange vests and large areas sectioned off.

They’re always making something better.

Or improving something else.

They’re installing the latest technology.

Or making things more efficient.

There’s a lot of work involved.

I’m sure that it costs a lot of money.

And I can’t even imagine the logistics and organising involved with such projects.

Will they ever truly finish?

Perhaps not.

And that’s OK.

Because it reminds us that we’re always under construction as well.

We’re meant to continually grow and develop.

To improve our capabilities.

To do things differently, more effectively than we did before.

I know it takes effort.

And I know that it’s inconvenient at times.

But it beats the alternative option, which is a life of atrophy and decline.