Around the CornerI don’t know what is around the corner for you.

It could be the greatest opportunity of your life.

Or it could be someone with a frying pan, ready to smack it into your nose.

I just don’t know.

But this I do know.

If you anticipate pain, failure, embarrassment, stress or any kind of drama, you are much less likely to take the action necessary to achieve your goals than if you expect good things to happen to you.

I know that some people will advocate that if you just think positive, happy thoughts, then you will have a positive, happy life.

I think that we’ve all been around long enough to know that this isn’t always going to be the case.

However, the advantage of a more optimistic mindset is that by anticipating positive outcomes, you are more likely to take the action required to bring them to fruition.

I don’t know what is around the corner for you.

But I do know that your adventure doesn’t begin until you go and find out.