Where-does-the-firstI’m constantly amazed by the engineering skills of birds.

They build these extraordinary nests out of twigs, using only their beaks, while I struggle to assemble a kit from Ikea.

One question that I’ve always had regarding nests, is where does the first twig go?

I know that the final outcome is intertwined and able to withstand the wind and rain, but that first twig could just blow away before the rest could be attached and weaved together.  After all it’s just sitting in the fork of a tree with nothing else to keep it in place.

And if that first twig is dislodged, I guess the bird just methodically retrieves it from the ground and places it again.

And again.

And again.

Until finally it stays in place long enough to continue the building process.

Until finally a functional, strong, stable nest is built that can be entrusted with fragile eggs.

I don’t know what you’re trying to build with your life, but it’s easy to look at our goals and wonder where to start.

That first step seems so hard, so remote, so unstable.

What if it doesn’t work?

What if I don’t do it right?

What if it all falls apart?

Then you start again.

And again.

And again.

Until eventually, you get it right and build something magnificent with your life.

You can do it, we know that you can!