The-worst-kind-ofIt’s not pleasant to get rejected.

To apply for a job and have them say, “No.”

To ask someone out on a date and be turned down.

To make a sales pitch and walk out of the boardroom without a signature.

And to have the ones you love, not reciprocate that love is a terrible feeling.

But the worst kind of rejection is when you reject yourself.

When you say no to your dreams.

When you anticipate rejection and don’t put your hat in the ring.

When you guarantee failure by not trying.

When you believe in your heart that you don’t deserve success and that you really aren’t good enough.

When you fixate unnecessarily on your failings (which we all have), instead of your strengths (which we also all have).

When you think that it’s gong to be too hard and give up before you even start.

If this is you, I want to encourage you today to start saying yes to yourself.

To start believing in your capabilities.

To get out of your own way.

To be courageous and persistent in the face of the rejection of others.

And to start changing the world.