What-if-what-you-nowAfter months of getting up to let our golden retriever out on multiple occasions each and every evening, we finally had a doggy door installed for our beloved Dusty.

When she first saw the door, she looked at it mysteriously.

“Go on girl, you can do it,” we encouraged.

We stood outside with squeaky toys to coax her out, but she still didn’t know how it worked and looked at the glass as if it was impregnable.

She wanted to go outside.  All that she had to do was understand that the obstacle in front of her wasn’t insurmountable and push through the door.

Eventually, she nudged it with her nose.

She stuck a paw through.

Her front legs went out and then, inexorably, she made it all the way outside.

Of course, after making it through once, it soon became second nature to her and now she goes in and out whenever she wants.

It makes me wonder, what if your goals were on the other side of a doggy door?

The obstacles in front of you may seem impenetrable.

But what if they aren’t?

What if you moved right up to your hindrances and pushed them with your nose?

What if, instead of remaining impervious, they moved?

And what if what you now believe is impossible, you look back on one day as a challenge that you have overcome?