Foggiest Day

It was a foggy morning at the kids’ school this morning, but the sun was still shining through

On the foggiest day, it’s hard to see too far ahead.  In fact it’s hard to see anything at all.

As you wander along, with visibility at a minimum, you wonder,

“Am I going in the right direction?”

“Am I where I’m supposed to be?”

“Should I keep going, or should I stop where I am?”

The fog has settled and it has taken over everything.

It’s all very confusing and the next step is uncertain.

It’s omnipresent.

It’s pervasive.

It’s forbidding.

It’s intimidating.

We all have times when the fog settles in and the future is unclear.

It’s hard to look too far ahead and it’s difficult to know what to do next.

Sometimes this is fleeting, but it can last for weeks, months, even years.

At times like this, this is what I want you to remember:

Even on the foggiest day, the sun eventually breaks through.

And when it does you will see the path ahead.

And it will be a magnificent sight!