Most-dreams-die-fromYour boss isn’t killing your dreams.

Neither are your parents, your partner or your kids.

The economy isn’t killing your dreams.

And you can’t blame the government.

Your standard of education or lack of opportunities isn’t killing your dreams.

And your past doesn’t need to decide your future.

Whether or not you have a great support team, coach or benefactor isn’t killing your dreams.

Because whilst they are nice to have and very helpful, they aren’t the ones who are doing the grunt work required for greatness.

Here’s the thing, most dreams die from suicide, not murder.

When the post-mortem is completed on the performance of the underachiever, the cause of failure is usually self-inflicted.

No-one else has the power to kill off your aspirations, but you do.

So take your dreams off life support and start making progress.

Don’t wait for permission.

Don’t hesitate until the stars align.

And stop hoping that someone, someday will pick you.

They are your dreams, not someone else’s, and you are responsible for making them happen.