To-those-who-have-goneTo those who have gone before,

Who have trampled out a path where there was no path,

Who have been battered and bruised by life and have the scars to prove it,

Who have fallen and risen, and fallen and risen, and fallen and risen, never giving up in the face of great challenges,

Who had the courage to follow their dreams despite the critics and naysayers,

Who fought wars (literally and metaphorically) so that we can have a better life today.

Who had loopy goals and the audacity to bring them to reality,

Who were the pioneers in their field of endeavour,

Who have laid a foundation for future generations,

Who didn’t worry about fame, fortune or the adulation of the masses, but just did what needed to be done,

Who spoke out passionately for those who couldn’t speak for themselves, helping to make the world a more accepting and hospitable place,

We thank you,

We honour you,

And we are inspired to do the same for future generations.