Thankfully-we-each-getAs creatures of habit, we each have thoughts and memories that we spend time dwelling on, repeating them over and over again throughout the day.

They’re the things that we think about at 4am, the statements we make to ourselves before trying something new, the perspectives that we carry into a room with us.

They could be our greatest victories, or the moments that we regret.

They could be our most significant successes, or our most embarrassing failures.

They could be the encouraging things that others have said or written about us, or they could be sharp criticisms that put us down.

They could be the opportunities in front of you, or they could be the obstacles that block your way.

They could be affirmations that increase our confidence, or negative statements that diminish our effectiveness.

What we think about the most will impact your relationships, resourcefulness and confidence.

Thankfully, we each get to choose what we dwell on.

Choose wisely.