The-tougher-the-climbIf you only climb up a small mound in the backyard, you won’t be able to see much and you probably don’t deserve to.

If you only walk up a medium-sized hill in your neighbourhood, you may be able to see a bit more, but it won’t be spectacular.

But if you were to make it to the top of Everest, wow.  I can only imagine the view from up there, but it would be something else.

In any aspect of life this is true.

Minimum investment, minimum return.

You get out what you put in.

Sometimes I fall into the trap of wishing that things came easier.

I wish that I didn’t have to hustle so hard with my business.

I wish that this blog and my speaking magically gained the audience that I hope for.

I wish that parenting wasn’t so damned hard.

I wish that my goals took days, or at the most weeks, not years to achieve.

But then I remember that the tougher the climb, the better the view.

And I am grateful for the challenges.

Because when I eventually get there, I will appreciate it, I will savour it and I will value it.

My encouragement for all of us today, is to seek out bigger mountains, not smaller ones.

To push well past your comfort zone, not wallow within it.

And whatever happens along the way, to never, ever give up on your dreams.