We-dont-just-need-textIf you want to learn more about a subject, you could get a text-book.

Not one of those “… for Dummies” books, a real text book written by a real expert who spent years developing her¬†expertise and researching the latest developments in the field.

But in a world where we have access to enough information, perhaps it isn’t enough.

We don’t just need text books, we also need text people.

People who don’t just write about how to do things, but show us through their lives.

Inspiring people.

Knowledgeable people.

Generous people.

Extraordinary people.

People like Sir Richard Branson, Bill Hybels, Nelson Mandela and Seth Godin.

We need them in our lives, but we also need you to be one of them.

You have an area of expertise.

You can role-model greatness in your field.

There is a topic that you can express yourself about with passion and persuasiveness.

There are things you have done, mistakes you have made and adventures you have embarked upon that we can all learn from.

Will you dare be one of them?

Will you dare join the ranks of the text people?