Instead-of-coming-fromIn an interview, the late, great Prince was asked if he prayed.

“Every day,” was the answer.

“What do you pray for?”

“Mostly I just say thank you.”

I pray every day as well, but my prayers are mostly lists of requests.

I pray for my kids, for my marriage, for my business, for my health and for a host of other things, significant and trivial.

They are all noble things, but I need to say thank you more often.

Instead of coming from an attitude of scarcity, “Please Lord give me more,” I need to remember how much I have, “Thank you Lord for what You have given me.”

So now, when I pray, instead of a list of blessings that I want, I’m bringing a list of blessings that I have.

Today and every day, don’t forget to say thank you.