Focus-on-the-root-notIt’s easy to become distracted by the final outcome.

We all want results and we want them now.

We look for short-cuts, hacks and tips that will get us fame and fortune overnight.

But today, I want to remind you to stay aware of the process required to get you that result.

Because if a farmer wants productive trees, he spends more time focusing on watering and fertilising the roots than on anything that happens above ground, even if it takes years to see the results of his labour.

So instead of worrying about getting that promotion, ensure that you are working hard and going above and beyond in your current role.

Instead of looking in mirror waiting for your waistline to diminish, change your eating and exercise habits.

Instead of wishing that your kids were better behaved, become a better parent.

It may take years.

It may not be glamourous.

But it will be the key to long-term, sustainable success.