For the past few weeks, ourNoone-just-picks-up-a oldest son has been involved in a music program at school that required him to learn the trumpet for a short concert that took place this week.

I’m a proud dad, and I see most of our kid’s activities through rose-coloured glasses, but I’m not going to lie.

It was diabolical!

Hayden, bless his heart, spent most of the concert looking at the fingers of the girl sitting next to him to make sure that he was playing the right notes, and for about 30 minutes, we the parents were subjected to a range of noises that distantly resembled music.

The things that we go through for our kids.

Having said that, I was reminded that every great musician started somewhere.

No-one just picks up a random instrument for the first time at the age of 11 and starts playing Beethoven’s Ninth flawlessly.

They start by playing the same note over and over again ad nauseam until their parents’ ears bleed.

And then they learn their scales.

And if they stay focused and keep practicing their confidence improves as they tackle more difficult pieces.

Until eventually, after many years of disciplined practice, a star is born.

So many times, we hesitate starting something new because we think that we will suck at first.

“I can’t start a blog, I’ve never written before.”

“I’m too unfit to go the gym.”

“I can’t possibly speak in public, I would be too nervous and self-conscious.”

Here’s the deal.  Whatever you choose to do, whether it’s play golf, knit, cabinet making, painting or sell products, you will most likely make a mess of it at first.  But hang in there, keep practicing, get some tips from experts and  eventually you will go from the diabolical school band to the symphony orchestra.