Its-easy-to-look-at-theThere once was a harmless, nondescript street in the suburbs where no-one took much care of their gardens.

The lawns were overgrown, the weeds were taking over and the hedges desperately needed to be cut back.

It looked unsightly, but when the neighbours looked at each other and their gardens, they just shrugged their shoulders and laughed.

It was all too hard, no-one could be bothered making it better and because everyone’s garden was the same, no-one felt compelled to change anything.

Then the gardener moved in.

Bill was a tidy, hard-working little man who started working out the front as soon as he moved into the street.

He got the lawn-mower out and gave the grass a good cut.

Then he put his gloves on and pulled out all of the weeds.

Finally, he brandished a large, shiny hedge-trimmer and started shaping his hedges.

Satisfied with his hours of hard work, the gardener went inside for a well-earned lemonade.

Intrigued, the neighbours walked by and casually inspected the newly manicured garden.

At first, nothing changed, but over time, something interesting happened.

One by one, the neighbours started to take more pride in their own gardens and the sounds of lawnmowers could once again be heard on a Saturday morning.

After a few months, the street was transformed from a messy, unappealing collection of houses, to a beautifully cared for avenue that wouldn’t be out of place in a stylish magazine.

The difference?

One person cared and showed everyone else what could be achieved with a little bit of hard work.

It’s easy for us to look at the world and think that because no-one else cares, you don’t have to either.

But you have a unique opportunity to take meaningful action that not only benefits you, but inspires others to follow.

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