Perhaps-in-the-busynessThere are few more frustrating things to watch than my children eat a chocolate.

They slowly unwrap it, then place it in their hand, closely observing their bite-sized delicacy.

Then they take a small nibble from the corner.

This is followed by another careful inspection.

Another nibble is taken.

And now the chocolate starts to melt.

The whole time I’m watching with a furrowed brow thinking to myself, “Just eat it already!  It’s not the last chocolate you will ever get.  There will be more.”

Ignorant of my frustration, they just nibble and look, nibble and look, as the melted chocolate spreads over their hands and face and the furniture is suddenly under threat.

As brutal as it is to watch, the look of satisfaction on their face is a stark contrast to mine.

I’m one who gobbles treats down, and looks greedily for the next one.  And the next.  And the next.

I don’t enjoy them.

Perhaps in the busyness of everyday life it’s time for me to start savouring the moments.

To appreciate the good things in life.

To take my time.

To observe and reflect.

To count my blessings and be more grateful.

Perhaps even to let the metaphorical chocolate melt on my fingers.