We-dont-need-anEvery now and then, our oldest son tells our daughter a scary story and for the next few nights Madison comes out complaining that she is having a nightmare.


So Madison and I made up a character that we call Marshmallow the Pink Pony.

Marshmallow has supernatural powers and can rescue her from any imaginary situation that is troubling her.  Mads can ride away on the pony and everything is OK again.

It’s silly and she knows it isn’t real, but it brings a smile to her face before she goes back to bed.

It would be great if there was a magical pony to take away our fears, but that’s never going to happen.

But perhaps our fears aren’t really that bad.

Perhaps we don’t need to be held back by them.

We don’t need an imaginary hero to save us from our fears.

We just need to remember that our fears aren’t as scary as we imagine.