The-next-time-you-doubtOver the Easter weekend, we visited the regional city of Bendigo to celebrate Karen’s sister Heather’s 50th birthday.

I haven’t been to Bendigo for many years and it was lovely to see the small miner’s cottages around the periphery of the city.

As I walked the streets and marveled at these cottages, I thought of you

Not that you are a relic of a bygone era (that would just be rude).

But I thought of you in two ways:

  • You are built for a purpose,
  • And you are built to last.

Just as these venerable buildings were put together for a specific task, so are you.

The skills, passion and experience that you have are not random, but are for a God-given purpose.  A specific, noble purpose to make the world a better place.

And I don’t know when these cottages were built, but some of them must be over 100 years old.  They’re incredibly solid constructions that have survived bush fires, storms and the ravages of time.

You’re built to last too.

You’re more resilient than you know.

You can make it through the challenges that you’re facing.

So the next time you doubt yourself, think of the miner’s cottage and remember that you’re built for a purpose and you’re built to last.