Lets-use-longer-tablesThe world is divided enough.

There’s too much vitriol and hatred.

There are too many people who feel bullied, vilified and rejected.

There are people from the extreme ends of politics and religion yelling obscenities at each other over a wide abyss.  They can’t hear what the other is saying and they don’t want to, but still they yell, louder and louder.

It’s not working and we are moving further and further away from each other in a more fractured, bitter and distrusting society.

So let’s use longer tables and have shorter fences.

Let’s break bread together, not turn away from each other.

Let’s invite people in, not exclude them.

Let’s help others to feel at home, not leave them out on the street.

Let’s encourage them, not put them down.

Let’s celebrate diversity, not disparage those who look, think or believe differently to ourselves.

Let’s listen to each other’s stories, not cover our ears and eyes to the concerns of others.

Let’s make the world a better place, leaving a more peaceful society for our children, not a hostile, toxic existence.