To-have-someone-in-yourSherpas are a remarkable group of people from Nepal who are amazingly skilled at guiding others to the summits of the Himalayan ranges where they live.

Tenzing Norgay is probably the most famous Sherpa for helping Edmund Hillary as they became the first people to reach the top of Mount Everest in 1953.

At the time, you were considered foolish if you attempted to climb one of the great mountains without the invaluable local knowledge and climbing skill of the Sherpa.

We still need Sherpas today.

Not so much in mountaineering (although I’m sure that they still help), but we need guides in business, family life, faith, fitness and other aspects of life.

To have someone in your life who has been there before, who has knowledge to share and who is willing to help is of inestimable value.

But whilst we need Sherpas, I also suspect that we need to be Sherpas.

You have expertise and experience.

So find someone who needs a hand and help them to reach their summit.

Be generous with your knowledge to those who could benefit from it.

Encourage them, guide them, inspire them and be with them every step on the way.