Read-widely-and-deeplyI drive the kids to and from school on a daily basis.  It’s only a 10 minute trip, but it’s full of absurd trivial arguments, spelling tests and questions… so many questions.

A few days ago, Madison was asking me about lungs.

“How do they work?”

“How does smoking damage them?”

“If their surface area really is the size of a parachute, how do they fit into our chests?”

All good questions that probably received inadequate answers from me, but they are just a few examples of the inquisitiveness of children.

Why is it that as adults we lose that inquisitiveness?

Is it because we think we know it all?

Are we satisfied with our current level of ignorance?

Or are we just afraid to ask stupid questions?

Let me encourage you today to stay inquisitive.

Be intrigued.

Be curious.

Be wide-eyed.




Read widely and deeply.

Yearn for knowledge and wisdom.

Ask questions like a child does.

Stay young.

Stay inquisitive.

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