The-result-isntI’m a massive sports fan.

It doesn’t matter what the game is, if there’s a ball and two teams, I’ll happily pick a side and start cheering.

I love a close contest and find myself getting engrossed in the tension of the struggle.

I can still remember holding my daughter Madison when she was just a baby as John Terry hit the woodwork on a penalty that resulted in my beloved Manchester United winning the European Championship.  I nearly threw her up into the air in my excitement.

But then there are the boring, one-sided, inevitable results and the long countdown to the end of the game.

In basketball, if the result is beyond doubt, the side with possession will just dribble the ball and count down the final few seconds of the game.

In soccer, if a team is winning by a large margin, the last few minutes are spent passing the ball around the back half with little flair or positive intent.

In Australian rules, players will get cheap uncontested possessions late in the last quarter and in American football, quarterbacks will take a knee to run out the clock.

The result is inevitable, so no-one really tries.

I want to encourage you today that the result isn’t inevitable.

You haven’t lost yet.

There’s still a chance to be successful.

You have time to reach your goals.

So don’t give up.

Don’t go through the motions.

Don’t throw your arms up in the air and stop trying.

But scrap and hustle.

Get your knees dirty.

Don’t count down the clock, but grind it out to the very end.

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