March OnMarch is going to be a big month for our family.

In no particular order:

  • Hayden turns 11,
  • Karen’s sister and their family are coming over for the weekend to celebrate Hayden’s birthday,
  • We will be visiting them in return to see their new place in regional Victoria,
  • Hayden has his school camp and is away for three days,
  • Logan and Madison have a school excursion that they are very excited about.
  • Hayden is going to hospital to have a procedure for a medical condition that has been troubling him for 6 months,
  • The kids (and Karen) all start school holidays,
  • The shopping centre directly across the street from our house will finally be open after over a year of renovations and expansions,
  • We will remember the death and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at Easter,
  • The AFL season will begin.

And in the midst of all of that, we will still have our usual activities, so it could be a crazy month.

It would be easy in all of the busyness and chaos to just go with the flow, to just saunter mindlessly from one activity or event to the next.

Sure, we could look back and reflect on everything that has taken place, but will we have made actual progress?

Here is the challenge.

To do everything that you have to do this month in your normal, busy routine, whilst still moving closer to your long-term goals.

This month, and every month, march on!