You-may-be-close-or-youIf you’re digging for gold, how do you know if you’re three feet away or 300 feet away from the gold seam that will make it all worthwhile?

If you’re making sales calls, how do you know if the next call will be the big sale or if you will need to make another 50?

If you’re helping your kids with their homework, how do you know if they will understand long division this time or if it will take another few attempts?

If you’re learning how to play golf, how do you know if you will master your driver on your next lesson, or if will take a lot longer?

How do you know if you’re close to a breakthrough?

You probably never will know for sure.

But don’t be disheartened.

All you can do is persist.

All you can do is keep trying.

All you can do is never give up.

You may be close or you may be far away, but the breakthrough is coming if you keep on going.

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