Are-you-walking-the-dogSometimes when I’m taking our exuberant golden retriever for a walk, I’m not quite sure who is walking whom.

Am I taking Dusty for a walk, or is she taking me?

I have the leash and I set the route, but she potters along at her own pace, slowing me down as she sniffs whatever she wants to sniff and rolls over for a pat on the belly from every stranger that she meets along the way.

It’s a constant wrestle for control and I’m not sure that I always win.

As I took her for her walk last night, I considered this battle in other contexts.

Are you in control of your career, or is your career in control of you?

Do you have a plan that you are working towards that gives you an exciting future?

Or are you just floating along, with your career, with your future left to the whims of your boss or the economy?

Are you in control of your finances, or are your finances in control of you?

Do you know what you are spending and have a budget that enables you to live within your means with savings for the future?

Or are you living from paycheck to paycheck, crippled by credit card debt and struggling to get by?

Are you raising your kids, or are they running the parenting agenda?

Do they respect you and are you instilling in them values and behaviours that will enable them to make a positive contribution to society and have fulfilling relationships in the future?

Or are they running rampant, embarrassing you with their behaviour and being influenced more by others than you?

Of course, the principle applies to a wide range of areas, so here’s the challenge.

You can float along through life, without a plan and with very little control.

Or you can make a decision to take the action necessary to take charge of the important issues in your life.

Are you walking the dog, or is the dog walking you?

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