Your-words-are-extremelyYour words are extremely powerful.

They have the power to encourage someone to do great things, or discourage them from doing anything at all.

They can make someone feel six inches taller, or much, much smaller.

They can build others up, or tear them down.

They can increase someone’s faith, or give them a reason to doubt.

They can help someone smile, or make them angry.

They can equip people with principles that last a lifetime, or cause incredible damage that lasts almost as long.

They can bring people together, or create unnecessary rifts.

They can call others into a remarkable future, or condemn them to repeat a sordid past.

They can help people to feel valued and loved, or have them feeling rejected and alone.

They can bring a blessing , or a curse.

Your words are extremely powerful.

What impact will yours have today?

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