We-all-want-the-endNo-one sees the architect toiling away at his design, they just walk in and benefit from the end product.

No-one sees the writer typing out another great story, they just hold the book in their hands.

No-one hears the violinist practicing her scales, they just stand and applaud after another phenomenal performance on stage.

No-one see the painters wrestling with the canvas, they just stand in awe of the final piece.

No-one sees the business leader analysing, hustling and doing the boring paperwork, they just wonder how they got there.

No-one hears the actress rehearsing her lines ad nauseam, they just enjoy the show on opening night.

No-one sees the righteous person praying and reading the scriptures, they are just impacted by their character and influence.

We all want the end product, but it’s the work that goes on behind the scenes that matters.

It’s not as sexy.

It’s not as motivating.

You won’t always feel like doing it.

And it may take years.

But before you come out on stage, make sure that you’ve done the behind the scenes work first.

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