Its-your-standard-thatIf the people around you don’t work as hard as you, so be it.

And maybe they spend too much time complaining about life, that’s up to them.

It’s possible that they have peaked too early and scoff at the idea of continued personal development.

And perhaps they are afraid of the future and the inevitable change that it brings.

You may feel surrounded by those who have deep moral and ethical failings.

And their attitude towards those who are different to them may be full of vitriol and suspicion.

But you don’t have to be like that.

It’s your standard that matters, not theirs.

You’re responsible for working hard and maintaining a positive attitude.

You’re responsible for your own learning and ensuring that you are able to adapt to life’s many challenges.

You’re responsible for your own level of integrity and for treating others with love and respect.

The world is a messy enough place as it is, you don’t need to join the masses at the bottom.

Keep your own standards high, and who knows?  Perhaps you’ll influence a few to raise their standards with you.

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