One-day-you-will-lookSometimes, life doesn’t go according to plan.

Your business may be struggling or your missed out on another promotion.

Perhaps your kids are unwell, or misbehaving, or both.

There may be issues with your marriage or wider family that you are wrestling with.

It could be that you are having a faith crisis.  “Is God real?  Does He care? Does He care about me and my situation?  Will He do anything about it?”

There’s no shame in having these moments, I know that I seem to have a had a few in the past couple of weeks.

But it’s what happens next that matters most, because the decisions that you make in these situations have implications for the future.

When I’m walking through the valley of life’s challenges, I often tell myself:

“Maybe this is the moment that I will look back on.  

“I’ll have a great story of overcoming adversity.  

“I’ll have an example of the value of persistence.  

“I’ll be glad that I didn’t give up, but pressed on to the other side.  

“This doesn’t have to be a down-time, it can be a turning point.”

I don’t know your situation or what you are going through at the moment, but I do know this.

One day you will look back on this moment.

Will you look back on the next step that you take with regret or gratitude?

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